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“Enriching our Citizens Lives through the Delivery of Services and Resources Enhancing their Quality of Life”


Social Services:

Getting into contact with other needed serviced can (sometimes) pose to be a very daunting exercise to get done. This program is designed to assist you with understanding the Social Service Programs. We can also work closely with you – our Community members as needed. Tasks vary from assisting with matters such as filling out forms for Child Tax Benefits or letters too various agencies as needed. This also may include providing support to those who have family member suffering from mentally disabling illnesses, handicapped, elderly & physically disabled to name a few. In addition to providing Social Services for families better understand the processed require for Child Protection Issues that they may not be fully aware of.

In addition – our Program can provide liaison work with:

  1. Social Development Programs
  2. Community Preventions Strategy
  3. Nisga’a Child & Family Services
  4. Ministry of Child & Family Development
  5. RCMP
  6. Nisga’a Valley Health
  7. Probations or Corrections
  8. Alcohol & Drug Counsellor, Mental Health Services
  9. Lawyers
  10. Treatment Centres and other.

Our Aim is to assist you to navigate the various system – to help you better understand or for your individual needs.

Finally, we are also seeking to develop partnerships with other agencies in the valley. This is to assist with providing essential services to our community members.In addition we would like to host events suck as:

  1. Grief Support Group
  2. Community Luncheon
  3. Healing Workshops
  4. Budgeting
  5. Indian Residential School
  6. HIV
  7. STD’s
  8. Alcohol & Drug
  9. Cancer Support Group
  10. Cultural & Traditional Activities
  11. Language course for youth, adults & elder training

Other duties as directed – could be just to visit and support a person going through a difficult time right now.

For more information:


Gitlaxt’aamiks Social Services Worker