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Social Development

Enriching our Citizens Lives through the Delivery of Services and Resources,

Enhancing their Quality of Life.

Program Description:

There are currently nine programs administered within the four Nisga’a Villages, through the Nisga’a Social Development Program, and are all funded through FFA. With the intent that services are reasonably comparable to those available to residents elsewhere in BC. Most social programs require income testing.

  1. BASIC NEEDS (Social Assistance) To provide basic support allowances to cover essentials, food , shelter & clothing.
    • Family size & make-up
    • Age
    • Employability
    • Shelter cost
  2. SPECIAL NEEDS To provide SA recipients with special needs allowances to purchase goods & services necessary for a client’s physical or social well-being. Specific special needs are crisis driven for urgent, unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that occurs without warning and to  prevent imminent danger to physical or removal of a child under Child, Family & Community Service Act.
  3. TRAINING EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVES (TESI) To assist social assistance recipients in developing the skills they need in order to enter vocational training, educational programs, or employment.
  4. ADULT IN-HOME CARE Adult in home care is provided for home care support services to eligible disabled or frail adults. There services may include home-makers; Meals on Wheels, Adult day care, which enables the recipient to enhance their independent functioning in their own home & community.
  5.  GUARDIAN FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE To provide financial support of a child in another person’s home on Nisga’a lands, when the parents are temporarily unable to care for their child(ren). The amount is base on the child’s age.
  6. NATIONAL CHILD BENEFITS The intent of the program is to promote attachment to the workforce and to help prevent and reduce the depth of child poverty.
  7. FAMILY ENRICHMENT The intent of the program is to provide the community based projects aimed at addressing social and health issues related to family violence and child abuse.
  8. COMMUNITY SOCIAL SERVICES The intent of the program is to assist in coordinating or developing projects that will detect, prevent, or address broad community social problems.
  9. EMPLOYMENT INITIATIVES Funds are issued to the villages to assist in short-term employment initiatives that will reduce the social assistance case load.

Funds are issued to the villages for Youth & Recreation Programs and Family Support Services, to provide eligible families with minor children on Nisga’a lands financial support services in order to maintain or restore independent functioning with in the family unit. CPS programs are intended to assist communities and families in preventive measures.

Social Development Administrator

Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government 

PO Box 233 · 5200 Skateen Avenue · Gitlaxtaamiks B.C. V0J -1A0

P: (250)-633-3100  F: (250)-633 2271  T: 877-558-2388